JKF Industri A/S: Fostering an Open and Transparent Environment
At JKF Industri A/S, we pride ourselves on our strong values and commitment to ethical business practices. We strive to be a trustworthy and reliable partner while also creating an attractive and stimulating workplace for our employees.

A key element of our culture is our openness to addressing concerns and fostering a safe environment for individuals to bring forward suspicions of irregularities or illegalities involving JKF Industri's management, employees, or suppliers. While direct communication is often the preferred approach, we recognize that there may be instances where engaging in open dialogue isn't sufficient.

To address these situations, JKF Industri has established a whistleblower scheme, a valuable tool for ensuring that potentially harmful information reaches the appropriate channels. This scheme complements our ongoing commitment to integrity and accountability.

The purpose of our whistleblower scheme is:
  1. To enable the reporting of serious and critical matters without fear of repercussions for the whistleblower.
  2. To identify and address irregularities, illegalities, and negligence that could jeopardize JKF Industri's working environment or reputation
  3. To comply with applicable whistleblower legislation and create a safe framework for employees to raise concerns about relevant issues within JKF Industri.

If you encounter or suspect any irregularities or illegalities involving JKF Industri's management, employees, or suppliers, we encourage you to report it directly to management or utilize our whistleblower scheme. Your report will be investigated thoroughly.

We partner with Andersen Partners Advokatpartnerselskab, an external entity, to manage reports received through our whistleblower scheme. This ensures a neutral and confidential approach to handling sensitive matters.

JKF Industri's whistleblower scheme is available to all employees and complements, not replaces, open daily communication. Reports can be made anonymously, and all cases are treated with the utmost confidentiality, regardless of whether you provide names in your report.

For more details about our whistleblower scheme, including the reporting process, steps taken upon reporting, and the scope of matters covered, please refer to our Whistleblower Policy: Here

We value your willingness to come forward and contribute to maintaining JKF Industri's commitment to integrity and ethical business practices.