Reference installations

JKF can, together with our distributors and installers, show a long reference list when it comes to process extraction.

You will find JKF on every continent

Since the start in 1957, a lot of products from the factory in Als have been sent around the world where they have solved the wide range of tasks within dust extraction. Together with local distributors and installers, JKF has built up a unique know-how within almost all industries. This know-how will be of benefit to you when you are investing in dust extraction.

Our reference list is long and especially within the three industrial groups: woodworking, agro and milling and metalworking industry we can, together with our co-operation partners, show a large number of references. In the menu below we have collected a few from each group. If you need a direct reference you are welcome to contact JKF.

Then we will, together with one of our partners, find a reference near you which matches the requirements you have informed in the inquiry.



Want to contact the salesperson of this case story, JKF in general or visit our partner? Feel free to do so. You can either opt to contact him/her directly, use our contact form og call/ e-mail us.

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