Product center

The JKF Product Center is your one-stop resource for finding and downloading all the information you need about our products. Here you can find and download drawings in 2D/3D, manuals, and documentation for all our products in different languages.

Our products are divided into three main categories – Fan systems, Ducting systems, and Filter & Separators. With these three product groups, JKF can deliver a One Stop Shop concept when it comes to De-dusting solutions. Whether you need a single component or a complete system, we have everything you need to get the job done.


Filters and separators

A filter basically consists of an inlet element, the filter, a cleaning system and a discharge element.

JKF Industri has an extensive range of bag and cartridge filters, ranging from extraction from a single machine using a portable vacuum cleaner to traditional modular filter solutions and advanced round, welded, and SuperBlower filters.

View products or read more to see our different filter solutions, valves, separators, and the wide range of accessories.

Duct systems

JKF’s programme includes galvanised duct systems and welded duct systems in 2 and 3 mm material thickness, and thus represent the basic element in extraction and transport of particles and air.

JKF’s duct systems have a circular cross section, with a wide range of ducts, bends, trouser-, branch-, end-, transition and taper pieces, throttle valves, diverters, jet- and rain caps etc. to ensure individual adaptation and a high degree of flexibility.

View products to see our standard components for the following dimensions: ø80 – ø1000 mm. Special customised components are available to order.

Fan systems

In any system that requires reliable transportation of air, the key element is the fan. The JKF program offers a wide selection of different fans, that vary depending on the specific demand of the system.

JKF offers more than five different types of fans, and all of them can be modified and structured to fit a specific build, therefore ensuring the optimal solution.

Try out the fan configuration tool, and see the suggested fan for your input, or view products to learn more about the individual fans.